How to Solve your Business Pains and Maintain a healthy business (Mrs Jo & The Doctor's case study)

Posted By: Arewa Lanre


Grinnnn…. Grinnnn…

– Hello Doctor,

= Hi Mrs Jo,

– Doctor, I have a complaint to make.

= OK Mrs Jo, what’s the problem.

– I’ve been experiencing this pain in my lower back and neck region for the past 5 months.

= OH!

– Yes doctor, I’ve used all kinds of pain relief drugs I know and even got a lot of recommendations from friends and family but these drugs just relieve the pain and after a few days, the pain gets worse.

= That’s serious Mrs Jo, have you ever considered coming for some tests to determine what’s wrong with your back?

– No doctor, I heard you guys charge a lot and I don’t think I can afford your fees, so I prefer self medication and prayer.

= Wow! That’s quite dangerous you know. You can worsen your case by self medication and even cause the growth of another problem to your body. Do you know that?

– Com’on doctor, you think you can convince me with a threat? I know you’ll say something like th… Arggghhhh!!!!

= Hello! Mrs Jo! What’s happening there?

– It’s this crazy pain doctor, it’s eating me up!

= I belie e you need to come for some tests and Consultation so that we can ascertain what’s wrong and proffer the right solutions.

– okay doc, how much is consultation?

= It’s just $100

– What!!??? That’s too much doctor!

= oh, am sorry Mrs Jo, how much have you spent on this ailment for the past 5 months?

– over $2000, I bought some pretty expensive drugs referred to me by a close friend, but the thing worked for a few weeks and then got finished and the pain was still there.

= So you think a $100 consultation to get to the root of your problem is too much?

– I know you want the best for me doctor, but I’ve spent a lot of money and will need you to consider my plight here.

= This looks like you want me to weave my fees for my services because of your past decisions that were wrong?

– hmm… Something like that.

= well, am sorry Mrs Jo, you’ll have to pay for my service… I cannot offer it for free.

– no worries doctor… I’ll do something about it…

= alright Mrs Jo, take care of yourself.

… Drops the line, and thinks out aloud.

– bloody doctors always looking for a way to make money out of ya.

Am going to join free Facebook groups on back pains and get recommendations on the best quick remedy out there!

…. And the back pain agony continues….


Can you relate this to all the other professions we have online and offline?

How we want fast solution to deep problems?

How we want to become Facebook ads gurus within a week and beat those who’ve been in the game for years?

How we want to become the sleekest copy writers on the block with 3 days crash course or some free webinar?

How we all want to be professionals at everything even though we want others to see us as masters of our own original service, appreciate us and patronize us?

You have a product or service you want to push out to the world, but you’re busy telling people not to patronize copy writers because of some cool software that does AI stuff

or you tell them to forget web designers because of some drag and drop software

or worse still you want to kill yourself over a graphic design task that will cost you less than $50 by using all kinds of shiny graphic design app online that were made by people with zero idea about graphic design?

You want your site to be as beautiful as that of Russell Brunson, but you forget that Russell has a staff that’s a Guru web designer even though he uses the click funnels platform…

You want cool videos like that of Gary Vee, forgetting that someone captures Gary talking and someone does the post production editing for his videos…

Let’s cut the crap!

If you want to take your business to the next logical level, learn to sell what you do best and leverage other people’s skills towards building a better, faster, stronger and more powerful business!

GOOD LUCK, โ™ฅ as you heed my admonition… ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

My name is Arewa Olanrewaju

= Am what you call a “Visual Communications Expert”

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